Intergovernmental Child Support Services

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Rob Velcoff provides training in

Intergovernmental Child Support

geared specifically for your jurisdiction, including the following:

✅ UIFSA Basics and Beyond

✅ Intermediate Intergovernmental

✅ One State Interstate – Going Solo

✅ Modifications in the Modern UIFSA World

✅ International Child Support and the Hague Convention

✅Advanced UIFSA Scenarios

✅ Success with Interstate

✅ Game Show Plenaries

✅ Any other intergovernmental training needed by your office.

✅ Working on existing Intergovernmental Grants, or helping to draft language to obtain such a grant.

✅ Office reorganizations, especially for Central Registries or other interstate units.

Example: the New York State Central Registry at one point in time had a staff of nine. After a reorganization that included adding technology and better deployment of resources, the ICR staff was decreased to only three, and the new staff performed their federally required functions better, faster, and with more accuracy than the previous staff did. This project was awarded a Commissioner’s Award of Excellence for saving the state hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

Any and all special projects related to Intergovernmental case processing:
✅ Interstate

✅ International

✅ Tribal

✅ Military

✅ Intrastate (inter-county)

✅ Training staff on the latest changes in implementing and maintaining child support programs.

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