Child Support Services Expert

Rob Velcoff

“Innovations for Change”

Considered one of the top interstate and international child support experts in the country, this seasoned and highly respected professional is a former President of the Eastern Regional Interstate Child Support Association (ERICSA), a recent recipient of the ERICSA Felix Infausto Award (President’s Award), and was responsible for representing the New York State Division of Child Support Services, and perpetuating those Agencys views and policies, for over 30 years. Rob has presented at more than a hundred state, regional, federal, national, and even international child support conferences, and has spoken at over 250 workshops and plenaries on a wide range of topics.

Child support services EXPERIENCE

Intergovernmental Child Support Services cases were reviewed by either Rob Velcoff himself, or by staff he directly supervised. Rob's work speaks for itself, check out his portfolio below:

Owner and Independent Consultant

Intergovernmental Support Services

(September 2020 – present)

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  • Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Improvement Project: 10/1/2020 – 9/30/2022.
  • Intergovernmental Training: Mississippi – 2024,
  • New Jersey – 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020;
  • Louisiana – 2023, California – 2024, 2023,
  • Pennsylvania – 2023. 2022, 2021; Indiana – 2022,
  • Veritas-HHS – 2024, 2023, 2022.

Manager of Interstate & International Operations(Child Support Specialist II)

New York State Division of Child Support Services (DCSS)

(December 1998 – September 2020)

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  • Maintains and expands interstate and Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) expertise, continually gathering all available information on interstate case processing for dissemination to state, local, federal, and out-of-state parties.
  • Annually attends and presents at national, regional, and state child support conferences on a variety of topics. Helped plan conferences, including serving as a tract chair.
  • Member of several Federal and national workgroups, maintaining efforts regarding these committees to represent the State of New York and gather information for state and local district staff.
  • International Liaison for NYS DCSS, dealing with specific issues related to international child support case processing.
  • Interstate case contact, handling inquiries from other states and countries seeking case-specific information or general child support knowledge.
  • Has been in charge of federally mandated Interstate Central Registry (ICR), which receives support cases from other states and countries, reviews them for completeness, and disseminates them to appropriate courts and child support units within the State of New York. Designed policy portion of the award winning ICR Automation system in 2003 to
    expedite case processing, to improve quality and quantity of cases reviewed, and to save the State of New York money.
  • Maintains military, tribal, intrastate, and related child support information, as well as all other areas related to interstate and international case processing.
  • Has evaluated and determined RFP bids for prospective contractors.
  • Developed and/or maintained statewide policies on a wide range of topics, including: interstate and intrastate child support, cost recovery for legal services for child support in the county Family Courts, foster care entry/exit and foster care agency access to FPLS, electronic match with cell phone companies, office policy regarding annual fees, federal and state tax refund offset processes, insurance intercept matches, license suspensions, wage garnishments, case closure criteria, and bankruptcy protocol.
  • Has worked and supervised staff in the Payment Processing and Contract Monitoring Unit and the Program Operations Unit, including oversight of a $150+ million NYS contractor for the support disbursement unit, customer call center, notice mail-out, document data capture, banking contract, Central Registry, management of local county child support
    agencies, IRS tax reviews, and many other areas.

Child Support Specialist I

New York State Division of Child Support Enforcement

(December 1989 – December 1998)

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  • Served in the Fiscal Operations Unit, working on federal and state tax offset reports, lottery intercept process, IRS full collections, and other related assignments.
  • Was a county representative for many years as the state’s point of contact for several local district child support agencies.


New York State Division of the Lottery

(December 1988 – December 1989)

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  • Investigated lottery franchise dealerships for compliance with state rules and regulations.
  • Investigated reports of lottery fraud and abuse.

Fraud Investigator

Albany County Department of Social Services

(September 1988 – December 1988)

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  • Investigated reports of welfare fraud, testified in Family Court as to findings, and appeared at review board proceedings to give information regarding investigations.
  • Reviewed constituent complaints regarding alleged receipt of fraudulent public assistance payments.

Claims Investigator

New York State Insurance Fund

(September 1987 – August 1988)

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  • Investigated and wrote up Worker’s Compensation claims, taking testimony from claimants and witnesses.
  • Conducted field investigations and covert inquiries.

Child Support Investigator

Albany County Department of Social Services

(January 1985 – September 1987)

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  • Handled in excess of 600 individual child support cases, gathering information to establish, modify, and enforce child support orders.

Welfare Examiner

Albany County Department of Social Services

(June 1984 – January 1985)

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  • Conducted interviews to determine eligibility for Public Assistance benefits, and made referrals to intergovernmental child support, employment, and fraud agencies, as appropriate.


Master of Arts Degree

Criminal Justice
State University of New York at Albany

Bachelor of Science Degree

Criminal Justice
State University College of NY at Brockport


National Tribal Child Support Association (NTCSA)'s Partnership Award for Professional Excellence, 2024

Eastern Regional Interstate Child Support Association (ERICSA) Patrick W. Quinn Intergovernmental Award (Intergovernmental Impact), 2024

Eastern Regional Interstate Child Support Association (ERICSA) Felix Infausto Award (President's Award), 2018.

Domestic Relations Association of Pennsylvania (DRAP) President's Award, 2016.

Nominated for ERICSA's first ever Child Support Professional Recognition program, Award of Professional Excellence - Manager/Supervisor, 2016.

Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council Certificate of Appreciation, June 2014.

Nominated by the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement Region II office for the Federal OCSE state employee of the year award for 2006.

Florida Department of Revenue, Sterling Silver Pickle Award, April 2004 (first ever recipient from outside the State of Florida).

New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance, Commissioner Award for Outstanding Achievement, September 2003.


  • National Child Support Enforcement Association (NCSEA) ex officio board member: 2011 – 2012


  • Eastern Regional Interstate Child Support Association (ERICSA): 2005 – Present


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– President: May 2011 ? April 2012
– President-Elect: May 2010 ? May 2011
– Immediate Past President: April 2012 ? May 2013
– Treasurer: May 2007 ? May 2010, 2019 – present
– Honorary Board and Past President: May 2013 ? 2019
– Executive Committee: May 2007 ? May 2013
– Board of Directors: 2005 ? 2007

  • Western Interstate Child Support Enforcement Council ex officio board member: (WICSEC) 2011 – 2012



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  • National Child Support Enforcement Association 2022 CommuniQue: “Intergovernmental Hot Topics – Part 1.”
  • National Child Support Enforcement Association July 2021 CommuniQue: “Central Registries – What They Can Do For You”
  • National Child Support Enforcement Association 2003 Quarterly Newsletter: “Interstate Central Registries.”
  • National Child Support Enforcement Association 2003 Frontline Focus: “Telephonic Testimony in International Child Support Cases – Pros & Cons.”